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Trading fraud: banks‘ due diligence and compliance obligations

Internationally operating trading fraudsters harm investors. Can the banks involved be held liable? Tips for those affected.

24.09.2021 Allgemein

Investment fraud via – investors fear for their money

The enterprise finance EXP promised fabulous net yields. Many investors invested and fear now around their assigned capital. The Website is switched off and the responsible persons disappeared. What happens now for investors?

15.03.2021 Allgemein

Innovativer Schutz gegen kontaktlosen Bankkarten-Diebstahl

Jeder kann Opfer kontaktlosen Diebstahls werden: Mehr als 100 Millionen Bank-Karten und Perso haben Funk-Chip. Selbst mir einfachem Smartphone und kostenlosen Apps kann JEDER Daten klauen.

28.03.2019 Allgemein